#TodaysTestimony As I reflect on how far God has brought me, I'm enamored with His grace and mercy He continuously shows me in each and every way. This passed campaign has been a world wind of emotions (both up and down). I had time when I was up and when I felt like giving up. However, God kept pushing me and showing me the bigger picture. I'm so grateful that I stuck it out to see the fruits of my labor. The campaign was more than what I could imagine. God really showed up and showed out. Everything was conducted and ordered in the right way and the right time.  I battled with being impatient at times, and God through in and through out shows me the benefits of having patience.

After the campaign and the relaunch, I've received an overwhelming amount of accolades from friends, family, and industry professionals. I additionally received a few testimonies as well (the wait was well worth). I'm currently, increasingly growing and learning how to be still and to let Him have his way. I say to all of you don't rush anything good God has for you. Everything good is His best and it takes time and effort to have it manifest. #bepatient


-CEO/ Founder of Tashee Inc. Natasha Lambkin

*Picture was taken behind the scenes of the 2017 "Don't Label Me Campaign"  


Photographer: Derron Campbell (derroncampbell.com)

#TodaysTestimony cont'd. This picture shows evidence of the fruits of my labor. I never knew  I will end up having a clothing line centered around modesty and my faith. At the age of 16 years old, when I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer; this was not what I envisioned. I thought of worldy successes and pursuits. At this present time, I have a clothing line and it has a deeper purpose (giving God all of the glory). He ignited my talent to a whole other level and I thank  Him for that. I rather do this for the remainder of my life, then to do something with no meaning or vision. 
My message to all of you is, don't be afraid to dream big. Once God is on your side and you give your vision to Him, nothing can stop you!

-CEO and Founder of Tashee Inc. Natasha Lambkin

* Picture is from the behind the scenes of the 2017 "Don't Label Me " Campaign 

Photographer:  Karen Tomczak (www.karentomczakphoto.com)

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